Welcome to the official website of the TUTORIAL project

The TUTORIAL will enhance the quality & relevance of higher education across European and Central Asian regions and India in the public health areas and improve their capacity for sustainable international cooperation, thus collaborating at the creating a long lasting excellence international network, to continue its activities after the end of the project period.

Main objective of TUTORIAL is strengthening research capacities in partner countries in areas of public health, promoting a sound exchange of information and building capacities between higher education institutions of European Union and Central Asia. This objective will be achieved by tuning existing doctoral studies, developing new MSc programs and implementing blended learning approach.

Specific objectives:
– To foster professional competences of teachers in distinctive areas of Environmental & Occupational Health and Public Health;
– To revise & update existing MSc&PhD curricula in EH, OH & PH;
– To develop new MSc in EH, OH&PH tailored to local needs;
– To introduce new pedagogical methods & quality assurance mechanism for Master studies;
– To establish educational laboratories at PC universities for graduate students;
– To establish e-learning systems at PC universities to support regular students, correspondence students as well as professionals in life-long learning.

Since HEIs perceive their prestige as closely linked to their master and doctoral programs, the lack of resources and expertise has prevented the development of a systematic and appropriate set of MSc courses in environmental health to prepare the strongly needed graduates in such disciplines. To overcome this limitation, MSc and PhD programs can strongly benefit from international cooperation and from state-of-the-art teaching technologies.

In a way TUTORIAL is the extension to the earlier activities with-in Central Asian Network on Environmental Health (CANERIEH), where environmental health centres and PhD programs have been developed in Central Asian coutries. However, later the need of imporovent of the quality of those developed centres and PhD programs had risen. The fulfill these need TUTORIAL initiative has been set up.

By the strengthening capacities in education, research, and innovation, the TUTORIAL will also foster the development of such transversal skills as critical thinking, civics, and communication and research skills, creativity, and innovative capacity. Also the project will result in the professional development of partner countries’ university staff in ICT methodology because of implementation of b-learning approach for teaching and learning.